Cooperative: current membership of 850. 1,200 customers are supplied with a total of 55,000 MWh of district heating. An additional 10,000 MWh of renewable electrical power is produced each year and supplied to another 3,500 households.

Heating facility built in: 1995, Boiler I and II: Boiler output: 2 x 4,000 kW

Electrical power facility built in: 2003; operation resumed (after fire) in 2012
Boiler III: Boiler output: 10,000 kW; built in: 2003 and 2012, Electrical power plant: built in 2003, ORC turbine 1,500 kWel (not damaged by fire)

Heat recovery: Flue gas condensation 2 x 4 MW , Output: 800 kW, Condensation 10 MW, Output: 1,500 kW, Buffer volume: 180 m3

District heating grid: Toblach/Dobbiaco grid built in 1994; Innichen/San Candido grid built in 1999 - Grid length: 90,000 m; pipeline outlet from heating plant DN 200/250, Total connected load (all stations): 19,065 kW (Toblach/Dobbiaco), 17,390 kW (Innichen/San Candido); about 20 additional buildings connected each year

Fuel storage: 80,000 m3 outdoor storage, 5,000 m3 indoor storage

Exhaust gas purification and monitoring: Flue gases are purified of dust using multicyclones, electrical filters and flue gas condensation processes. Combustion emissions are monitored on a continuous basis.

Data 2012

More than 1,000 customers are supplied with renewable energy.