16 november, 1994: "Dobbiaco district heating co-operative with limited liability" is founded.
12 january, 1995: Per.ind. Alfred Jud is contracted to perform general planning and project management.
18 may, 1995: After 220 preliminary contracts with future heat customers, the project is launched.
27 november, 1995: The plant begins supplying the first district heating on schedule.
End of 1995: 180 substations are installed and district heating is supplied to 160 customers.
1996: After completing the second stage of construction, connections per square kilometre are at a density of 70%.
1997: San Candido discusses linking up with the Dobbiaco district heating plant. 
1998: The provincial government approves funds for linking the main part of San Candido up to the Dobbiaco district heating plant.
20 august, 1998: Per.ind. Alfred Jud, Dr. Ing. Walter Sulzenbacher and Ing. Franz Heidolt start planning.
End of august, 1999: Work begins on laying district heating piping in San Candido.
November, 1999: District heating supply to the first homes and companies in San Candido.
01 february 2002: After discussing the construction of a third biomass boiler generating electricity in summer 2001, Ing. Franz Heidolt and Ing. Robert Gabriel present the project for expanding the district heating plant.
22 april, 2003: Provincial councillor Dr. Michl Laimer attends the laying of the foundation stone for the extension.
6 november, 2003: The new biomass boiler is commissioned. In addition to the two existing biomass boilers with a capacity of 4 MW, the new boiler generates 10 MW. 
2 december, 2003: The district heating plant produces additional electricity with the 1.5 MW ORC module. It is the biggest in Europe.
25 june, 2005: The visitors area opens in the new building of the district heating power plant. The visitors area is the first of its kind in Europe.
Autumn 2011: Expansion of the wood chip deposit, opening of the new storage hall and the team rooms.
2 march, 2012: A fire destroys the western part of the plant.
March/april 2012: Planning of the reconstruction of the damaged part of the plant and the new offices by Ing. Enes Hamidovic, Dr. Ing. Walter Sulzenbacher and Ing. Robert Gabriel. Reconstruction starts two months later.
26 october, 2012: Energy is provided also in the period of reconstruction. On October 26, 2012 the new biomass boiler starts operating.
July 2013:  Opening of the vistors area.
August 2013: Opening of the new offices.

Nach der Gründung des Heizwerkes am 16. November 1994 wird im Frühjahr 1995 mit der Bauphase begonnen.Am 18. Mai 1995 erfolgt der Spatenstich zu den Grabungsarbeiten für das Fernwärmenetz.2003 wird das Heizwerk erweitert: Am 6. November 2003 wird der neue 10 MW Biomassekessel in Betrieb genommen.
Nach der Gründung des Heizwerkes am 16. November 1994 wird im Frühjahr 1995 mit der Bauphase begonnen.27. November 1995: Pünktlich und planmäßig versorgen 2 Biomassekessel mit je 4  MW Toblach mit umweltfreundlicher Energie.In der Nacht vom 2. auf den 3. März 2012 wird das Fernheizwerk durch einen Großbrand im westlichen Gebäudetrakt schwer beschädigt.