From wood chips to thermal and electrical energy: the visitors' area

See it, hear it, feel it, understand it ...
The visitors' area in the new building of the Dobbiaco - San Candido district heating plant offers visitors an insight into the process of generating electrical and thermal energy using biomass.

Opened on June 25th 2005, the visitors’ area is the first of its kind in Europe. Come by and learn more about how the forest stores energy, about wood chips, combustion, the ORC module, filter technology, district heating and about the story of how the heating plant was developed. The visitors' area is particularly suitable for school classes. 

Opening hours:
December - March & June - September
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Guided tours:
December - March & June - September: Wednesday at 4 p.m.

Biomass nature trail

This nature trail is designed to help people, and especially children, find out more about timber as a raw material. Visitors discover the many ways in which timber is used as a raw material and experience how heat and power can be produced from waste timber and residues.

The biomass nature trail immediately connects the district heating plant with the Nature Park Centre in the Grandhotel. A path leads directly from the Nature Park Centre to a small clearing and the Forest World of Wonder. This is a place for taking a rest, playing games and experiencing the forest. Everything revolves around the theme of the forest, of course. Directly adjacent to the Forest World of Wonder, the Tree Village features three large trees that you can enter to find out more about the different options for using timber.

Another stop on the nature trail is the Celtic Tree Horoscope. At the centre here is a circle of 21 larch columns that provide information on the “language of the senses” and “character traits” of the tree species selected. The walk-through tree horoscope offers each visitor the opportunity of finding their personal birthday tree and testing it for themselves to see if the characteristics fit them.

Keltisches Baumhoroskop - Biomasselehrpfad
Waldwunderwelt - Biomasselehrpfad
Waldwunderwelt - Biomasselehrpfad
Baumdorf - Biomasselehrpfad
Naturparkhaus Grandhotel - Biomasselehrpfad

The visitors area and the biomass nature trail are free of charge and particularly suitable for school classes.